ImageSacred Heart School is situated beside All Saints Church and houses a thriving little community of students. The ethos of Sacred Heart is to foster and develop the children's faith in Christ and his Church, equipping them with the most vital gift and support through life. 

The school itself is located just off Brunswick Street at the address 107 King William Street, Fitzroy. The Principal is Ms Mary Lawrey and can be contacted on 9419 3528 or 9417 3793. More information can be found in full on the Sacred Heart School website:

“We at Sacred Heart School believe that our primary aim is to foster and develop the children's faith in Christ and his Church. We try to do this by providing and maintaining a Christian environment for the development of faith in all members of the school community".

Features of the Sacred Heart School approach to learning include the following:-

  • They see the development of positive self-esteem and self-discipline as a means of personal growth.
  • They will endeavour to educate the whole child by giving attention to the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs of each child.
  • Because they are educating children in a multi-faith community, they commit ourselves to being sensitive to the dignity of each child. They seek to do this by developing awareness and tolerance for others in order that cooperation and respect may exist in an atmosphere conductive to the Catholic ethos.
  • At Sacred Heart School they encourage the children to value their own uniqueness, to discover their special qualities and to respect and value the varying cultural, academic and socio-economic differences of others.
  • They see it as our responsibility to provide a comprehensive education which integrates Faith, History, Knowledge and Culture. They accept the task of developing in our children a sense of, happiness, satisfaction and achievement and they recognise they are, along with the parents and community, responsible for the schooling of the children so that they may enter fully into the life of our Australian contemporary society in order to become effective and productive adults.
This site was originally owned by a Greek Lady who lived in a house where the main school building is today. She owned a horse and cart delivery service.

When the Sisters of Mercy first came to Australia they opened up a primary school in Palmer Street that was known as St Catherine’s and Angel Guardian. Sometime along the way the Senior Primary took the name Sacred Heart and the Junior Primary retained the name of Angel Guardian.